Boiling point - youth prayer evening and festival

Forráspont a budapesti 52. Nemzetközi Eucharisztikus Kongresszuson
Source point at the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest
Photo: Lambert Attila/Magyar Kurír

The first event called Boiling Point – A Day for Jesus was held on September 15, 2018, which has since become a defining event for reaching out to youth. The idea to use the format to address the younger generation came up in preparations for the International Eucharistic Congress. The invitation announces “A possibility to meet Jesus, who stays with us in the Eucharist.” The primary target group of the event, held at the MOM Sports Centre in Csörsz utca, was the 15-30 age group. The first hosts for the afternoon were Kata Jákfalvy and Father Kornél Fábry. The Eucharistic event for youth started with glorification, podium discussions, and testimonials, followed by teaching and Holy Mass celebrated by Cardinal Péter Erdős, and ending with Eucharistic adoration. The first event was attended by more than 2000 young people, mainly university students, with many from outside of Hungary.  The popularity of Boiling Point is shown by the fact that a larger venue became necessary and so it was relocated to the László Papp Budapest Sports Arena, which has one of the greatest capacities in Hungary. Three thousand young people found it worthwhile to attend the 2022 event, with the motto “You called me to Happiness”.

Certain parts of the Boiling Point events are also available on YouTube. Both the hosts and guests vary from year to year, making sure that the contemplations and the authentic testimonials help the youth. The organizers want young people to find the answers to their questions in the teachings of Jesus Christ. That is how they developed the overarching theme of the events: it starts with the usual atmosphere of a concert, goes on to meet Jesus in the Eucharist, and ends in the holy silence of Eucharistic adoration. The musical palette includes the songs of famous Hungarian songwriters and singers about faith, love, and commitment. This way of spreading the Gospel is especially close to the hearts of young people, as they consider music to be a form of self-expression and an integral part of showing their identity, making this event an opportunity to focus on their faith through music. The glorification is now led by the professional Boiling Point Band with the participation of the 4 Accords Show Chorus, ensuring the day is a true visual and acoustic experience.