Anna M. Fehér, Founder of the László Batthyány Roman Catholic Children’s Home for the Blind

Anna M. Fehér, special education teacher and nun, was born in 1947 in Vértesacsa, from where her family moved to Budapest in 1959. Suffering from visual impairment herself, she studied at the Virányos Street School and then in Mihály Táncsics Secondary School, going on to the Gusztáv Bárczi Teacher Training College for Special Education. As she was expelled for her ties with the Church, she was only able to obtain her degree later, in 1979. She taught at the School for the Blind for seven years and took vows in secret.

Anna Fehér joined the spiritual care program for the visually impaired launched in 1977 at St. Anna’s Church in Felsővíziváros in Budapest. Under her care, the St. Anna’s House for visually impaired children was established in 1982 on Batthyány Square, where the 100 square meter flat soon proved to be too small. In 1989, the Home was moved to Mátyás király útja 29 in District XII. This was the address used to establish the László Batthyány Roman Catholic Children’s Home for the Blind, which has since been expanded with a kindergarten and primary school. This is the only location in Hungary that accepts visually impaired children with locomotive diseases.

Anna Fehér was a member and the leader of the Order of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth, a Congregation of diocesan right. The order was founded by Apollonia Radermecher in Aachen in 1626 as a Franciscan order, and has been present in Hungary since 1785. Their mission is to care for the sick and elderly.